Rides This Weekend | Weekend of January 18th, 2020 – Uptown Bicycles
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Rides This Weekend | Weekend of January 18th, 2020

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Saturdays at 10:30am 

Uptown Bicycles Bankers Hill Location


About the Saturday Ride


~No Spandex required

~Start with a Mimosa and/or Espresso

~We leave no riders behind

~Stops for drinks, food & pictures

~Designed for all rider levels

~Typically under 10 miles

This Saturday

Blind Lady Ale House + Another


Distance:    ~ 11 Miles


Start: We will depart from Uptown Bicycles Bankers Hill Location. We meet at 10:30 am and depart around 11:00 am.  


Highlights: Blind Lady Ale House, where you can always get 10% if you bike there. And we'll make another stop after, depending on where the group wants to go.


Finish: Through University Heights, across the Vermont Street Bridge and down 4th Ave. to Uptown Bicycles Bankers Hill Location.


*We are open to suggestions and itinerary changes along the way



Sundays at 8:30am

Uptown Bicycles Bankers Hill Location


About the Sunday Ride


~Explore new routes around the County

~No-Drop / No-Intimidation 

~Geared towards experienced road riders

~Take on challenging rides with a group

~Other riders help push your limits

~Leaves from the Uptown area

This Sunday

We will head south to the border... almost.


Distance: ~ 46 Miles


Elevation: ~ 1,300 Feet


Start: We will depart from Uptown Bicycles Bankers Hill Location at 8:30am.


Highlights: We'll head south towards the boarder.  Surprisingly, this route has mostly good stretches without lights and some beautiful and some interesting sights along the way.


Finish: We will return to Uptown Bicycles Bankers Hill Location via the 5th Avenue bike lane.


1st Ever: Novice Road Ride

Our very 1st group ride for the Novice Road Cyclist will be on Martin Luther King Jr. Day

(Monday, January 20, 2020)


Thereafter it will be the 1st Sunday Each Month at 8:30am 

Uptown Bicycles Bankers Hill Location

(Don't worry, we'll remind you)


Yes, that means we will have 2 rides with different routes and ability levels on the 1st Sunday Each Month.  Both departing from Uptown Bicycles Bankers Hill Location 8:30am.


About the Novice Road Ride:


~Designed for Novice Road Riders

~Typical distance: 25 miles

~Helmets Required

~No Intimidation - We leave no riders behind

~Road Cycling Kit & Clip-In pedals recommended

~Recommended: Kit for changing a flat (just in-case)

~We also bring extra. + We're happy to help

This Weeks Ride

Martin Luther King Jr. Day:

Monday, January 20, 2020


Distance: ~ 27 Miles

Elevation: ~ 350 ft. The most difficult climb is 5th Ave up to Bankers Hill


Start: We depart from Uptown Bicycles Bankers Hill Location @ 8:30am


Highlights: Great introductory route for this ride. Bayshore bike route down to Imperial Beach, up the Coronado strand to Coronado, where we will meet the ferry to downtown.


Finish: Up 5th Ave. to the Uptown Bicycles Bankers Hill Location.


Wednesday Nights meet at 7:30pm & Depart at 8:00pm

Uptown Bicycles - Normal Heights Location


The Ride:

Routes sometimes vary, but the ride typically goes through Normal Heights, University Heights, Hillcrest, down Presidio, around Fiesta Island and back to Blind Lady Ale House for a beer.  Checkout the Dos Llantas Facebook pag for more information.


Distance:   A Fast 20 Miles


About Dos Llantas

Dos Llantas (Two Tires in Spanish) is a San Diego based bicycle club, aimed at encouraging the masses to go ride bikes. The name is inspired by our love for all things on two tires. We ride for fun, we ride for the environment, and we ride to go fast.

facebook instagram

Bankers Hill Location

2665 5th Ave

San Diego, CA 92103

(619) 795-7222


Normal Heights Location

3437 Adams Ave

San Diego, CA 92116

(619) 283-1926


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