Bike Fit Service

Uptown Bicycles now offers custom body geometry bike fitting sessions.  

A proper bike fit according to your body geometry & riding habits has many benefits, and allows a rider to minimize fatigue, soreness & injury, while maximizing performance & fitness results on every ride.  

Recommended for an avid recreational rider or racer. Anyone logging more than 5 hours of riding a week or who has had previous injuries will greatly benefit from this fit.

We offer 2 different levels of Bike Fitting.  & Offer an open-air outdoor setting.  Choose the one that fits you best, or tell us about yourself and we can make a recommendation.  

Basic (Non Clip-In Pedals) - $75.00

Pro (Or Serious Injury) - $150.00


Services Include:

  • Pre-Fit Interview & Questionnaire
  • Physical Assessment
  • Riding Analysis on Trainer
  • Size consultation 
  • Saddle position - height and fore/aft
  • Saddle suggestions 
  • Cockpit length and height
  • Different stem lengths and adjustments
  • Cleat/pedal interface
  • Stance width
  • Foot angle 
  • Bike fit coordinates (for future use)
  • Bike size model consultation (if on own bike)


*Follow-up fittings included @50% off

Our experienced Bike Fit Specialist Taylor Warren is available by appointment.  Sessions typically take 1-1.5 hours.  For questions please Contact Us.

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