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Deluxe TUNE-UP - $149.99

  • Wheels laterally trued, radially, dished, and tensioned
  • Spokes, hubs, and rims cleaned
  • Hubs externally inspected, adjusted, and locknuts secured
  • Freewheel or cassettes removed, inspected and lubed as necessary
  • Tires inspected and inflated to recommended P.S.I.
  • Bottom bracket externally inspected and adjusted
  • Headset externally inspected, adjusted, and locknut/stem-bolts secured
  • Crankset removed and cleaned
  • Crank Arms, chainring bolts, and pedals secured
  • Chain removed, cleaned, inspected, cleaned as necessary, and lubed (resizing does not include cost of connecting link)
  • Front derailleur removed and cleaned installed, aligned, angled limit screws set
  • Adjust rear derailleur hanger
  • Rear derailleur removed, pulleys removed,, and cleaned
  • Lube rear derailleur pivots, threads, and pulley wheels
  • Adjust rear derailleur limit and position screws.
  • Position, lube, and secure shifters
  • Stress and remove slack from cables, adjust tension
  • Brake lever lubing, pivot and angle adjustments
  • Brake calipers removed and cleaned
  • Inspected, installed, lube pivot points, adjust pads to rim/rotor
  • Handlebar, stem, seat, seatpost inspected, aligned, and secured
  • Frame and fork inspected, and thoroughly cleaned
  • Accessories checked for safe installation., all accessory bolts removed, greased/lubed and secured